Ik schaats voor Simon!

Thomas Veltman

( 200 km )


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Simon is 9 en het gaat gelukkig top met hem! Maar... dat blijft niet vanzelfsprekend zo... er blijft hard actie nodig!

Samen met Skate4AIR zet ik me in om geld op te halen voor onderzoek naar medicijnen, waarmee Simon en alle andere mensen met taaislijmziekte een normaal leven kunnen leiden. Met de ontwikkelingen van de laatste tijd, lijkt het er op dat in de komende 10 jaar taaislijmziekte verandert tot een conditie waar je prima mee kan leven en oud worden. We zijn er nog niet en daarom zet ik me in voor Skate4AIR. Samen schaatsen tot het niet meer nodig is!

Help mee door te doneren! Ik ga in iedergeval mijn best doen om er voor het eerst 200 km voor te schaatsen tijdens deze 10e editie van Skate4air!



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  • 200 km
  • 175 km
  • 150 km
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  • 50 km (only for CF patients)
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We made it & thank you!

25-01-2020 | 10:42 Hour
Dear friends and supporters, as I'm writing this I'm in front of the fire at home looking back at a roller coaster week... After arriving on Sunday, we had our first 'getting to know the ice' day on Monday. Beautiful scenery, beautiful ice and beautiful weather!    It did take me some time to get used to navigating the cracks in the ice. It turns out skating in a group takes full concentration at all time... I decided to wear some extra protection on D-Day to make sure that falling would not hurt that much. Luckily I brought bubble wrap. On Tuesday morning I woke up at 4:45 to prepare and to have breakfast. I noticed the tension with all my fellow skaters during breakfast. At 6:30 I was fully wrapped/packed and made my way to the ice. D-Day was here! The start in the dark with all the head lights was magical! Halfway through the first round a orange glow behind the mountain lit the sky. With the soundtrack of the singing ice and the scratching of skates this was again breathtakingly beautiful. At our first passage of start/finish I tried to wave to the camera and fell just short of the starting line... Luckily only a bruised ego and on we go. I had joined the group that was aiming on finishing in 10 hours. This means we had a team of Duosport that set the pace and picked up anybody that fell to bring them back to the group. True heroes in my book. Every other round we paused at the Skate4air tent to stock up on drinks and food provided by the very friendly Skate4air support team.  A loop/round had a distance of 12,5 km. This means we had to complete 16 round to reach our target 200 km. The conditions during the day changed from cold, crisp and dark to crisp and sunny. Truly ideal conditions. Around 130 km I started to feel my legs becoming heavy and I was dreading how they would hold-up in the remaining hours... After some energy food (gel) and drinks however, I regained a flow and rhythm that helped me to the last round. Around 16:15 we started our last round! At this stage it was clear we would make it! The sun had set behind the mountains again and it was becoming colder quickly. This last round I was already feeling overwhelmed with emotions. It was hard to believe that after all this months of preparation and anticipation I would be completing the Elfstedentocht with Skate4Air... My phone in my pocket was buzzing non stop. I could picture the messages of family that was following the progress at home. Little did I know the volume and scope of support from everybody. It must have helped during the whole day. Being tired and distracted I did fall down one more time in the last round. I was back on my skates quickly and joined the group, who fell like family at this stage, in no time. Together we completed the last turns and finished after 9 hours and 49 minutes! Unbelievable! Looking back it is still a bit surrealistic what has happened. All the support, all the well wishes, all the messages and likes on Facebook and LinkedIn and of course... all the very generous donations!! Team Simon now has raised almost 10.000 Euro in support of Skate4Air. That is awesome and humbling!!     Thank you all so very very much! ~Thomas   In the media: AD movie after finish: https://www.ad.nl/video/thomas-schaatst-voor-zieke-zoontje-tijdens-skate4air~p124865 AD article in newspaper: https://www.ad.nl/utrecht/vader-thomas-schaatst-200-km-voor-simon Radio M interview: https://youtu.be/TwEwWhOnxD4 Facebook live - finish: https://www.facebook.com/Skate4AIR/videos/223606781975090/ Skate4Air Aftermovie: https://youtu.be/kjN0xxl_kbA