Kick out: Cystic Fybrosis

Luuk Feenstra

( Ik doe mee met de Daylight Challenge | Member of team: Haren4Air )


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I will participate for the 7th time in this Skate4Air challenge. Please support this initiative to kick out Cystic Fybrosis. A disease which already took the live of a lot of nice young people. Some of them also participated in the Skate4air challenges during previous years.

Due to the research and your financial contribtion significant progress have been made to treat CF. More and better medice became available and the quality of life increased significant. But we are not there yet. We have to kick out CF.

Please contribute. 

Available activities:

  • Ik doe mee met de Daylight Challenge (2/75 Available)
  • Vrijwilliger bij de Classic en Daylight Challenge
  • Vrijwilliger Daylight Challenge